Best Toddler Kitchen Tower for a Montessori Home

A Montessori home is an environment where a child can engage in meaningful work. A lot of these practical life expereince happen in the kitchen. A toddler kitchen tower is a great way to have young children participate in meal preparation, learn to cook, and be more involved in the activities of the family. There is an overwhelming number of learning towers on the market these days. I’m going to share with you why you would want to invest in a learning tower, what to look for, and a variety of recommendations based on your family’s needs. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to find the kitchen helper that is the perfect fit for your little one in your unique home. 

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Why You Would Want to Invest in a Montessori Learning Tower?

A Montessori learning tower, also known as a kitchen helper or a toddler tower is an investment. However, so many of the reviews on these learning towers share about how it is the best purchase they made because the child instantly was more engaged and content while they got things done in the kitchen. 


There are many benefits to a learning tower. As a Montessori educator, I know that so much of the learning happens through experience. We want our children to experience working with new foods and kitchen tools. A  Montessori kitchen helper will bring the child up to the kitchen counter in a safe way. A child will get to have quality time with you in the kitchen and have the opportunity to learn lots of new skills. 

A toddler learning tower is differnet from a high chair or a toddler step stool. A Montessori tower often has differnet heights so it grows with your child. A step stool is likely not tall enough for a very young child and is not very safe. Children as young as 12 months old can begin using a learning tower. The standing platform as well as safety bars on these learning towers makes them much safer than a step stool. Now let’s talk about what to look for in a toddler kitchen helper. 

What to Consider When Looking for in a Learning Tower

Here are some different aspects of a learning tower you will want to consider before making your investment. Take into consideration your needs at the current moment as well as how those may change in the future. 

Space Constraints

Consider the size of your kitchen. There are differnet types and sizes of learning towers that accommodate different space constraints. Some fold up for easy storage while others will always stay assembled. Think about where you would store the learning tower when it isn’t in use. You may also want to consider the size of the tower itself so you don’t get one that takes up too much space. Some towers are perfect for one child whereas others can hold two children. Remember that a young child may continue to use a learning tower until they are 4 or 5 years old. You may have multiple children who would be able to use this at differnet ages, thus, I recommend getting one that meets your needs right now as well as what you anticipate in the future. 


Depending on the age of your child will depend on the level of safety you want in your toddler’s learning tower. For an older toddler, something with simple safety rails may suffice. Whereas if will begin using this learning tower with a young toddler, you may want something with more safety features. Don’t worry, I will share my top pick if safety is your number one concern! Sturdy bases are another important safety feature when it comes to learning towers, especially for active children! 

Consider for a moment the alternative to a learning tower, a chair, or a stool. While bringing a child to a higher height by using a toddler tower may seem unsafe, it is much safer than the alternative. Children want to be involved and a toddler kitchen tower allows for that involvement in a safe way. Any learning tower should always be used with adult supervision. It is a great and fun way to involve a child in all the activity that happens in a kitchen. 


When purchasing an item such as a learning tower you may not want to go with the cheapest option. You want something durable and that will last. Not to mention, active toddlers can be a bit rough on things, so getting a good one will be worth your investment. You will want a material that is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and will stay protected through the many messy kitchen projects!


When considering different learning tower options make sure to take into consideration how they can be adjusted as your child grows so it lasts for a long time. Some will have adjustable platforms and steps which will impact the ways that this item will grow with your child.

Why a Learning Tower Alligns with Montessori

Montessori environments seek ways to offer autonomy to the child. A learning tower is a piece of furniture that aids in independence and connection with the family. It gives a child an opportunity for safe exploration of the kitchen and allows them to see the action at countertop height. Montessori is an education as an aid to life. There are so many practical life skills that take place in the kitchen like washing dishes and cutting vegetables. A home with a learning tower says to a child, “I value your involvement. This is a place where you belong.” Relating to a child on their level is important, yet not always practical, especially in the kitchen. We need a way to give them opportunities to work in a real kitchen before they are physically large enough to do so, a learning tower helps solve that problem!

Best Toddler Kitchen Tower Based on Need

When it comes to learning towers there are so many options on the market. Take a few moments to think about what your needs are when it comes to a kitchen tower, that will help narrow down your choices. I am making some recommendations based on categories that may be your priorities, offering foldable and complete options as we go.

Best for Safety

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper(Foldable)

The Guidecraft kitchen helper comes in as my number one toddler tower for safety and space needs. It folds up, making it easy to store away. It has two Keepers, which are mesh nets that secure two of the sides. These can be removed if you would like. The platform is adjustable to either 15 or 18 inches. There is a non-slip mat and non-tip feet on this learning tower. Your little helper will be safe and secure in this learning tower! 

A learning tower in almost folded and folded position

Sprout Kids Sous-Chef Toddler Tower

If safety is your number one concern then the Sprout Kids Sous-Chef Toddler Tower may be one of the best learning towers for you. It has a small footprint and aligns with all of the Montessori principles in terms of accessibility. There are 3 different heights for the platform. This unit is sturdy because of the tapered legs, making it perfect for active toddlers. The solid sides help to reduce climbing on the cabinets and you can get a full plate for extra safety for your child. The sides are also tapered, making a smaller space for things to fall into the tower. This may help reduce messes within the tower.

The full plate may help to reduce the possibility of your child slipping or bending and falling out. You could also use the full plate as a sign that the toddler tower is not currently available because they would be unable to climb into it. If your toddler is a very adventurous climber, then it could be more of a risk. Make sure to follow all safety guidelines for this product. Use my code “TWINMAMA10” for 10% off your next Sprout order!

Toddler learning tower in a kitchen.
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Best for Small Spaces

Mini Chef Foldable Helper Tower 

If you are looking for a minimalist kitchen tower that also stores away then this Mini Chef Foldable Helper Tower is the perfect option. It has adjustable platform heights at three different settings, making it a great investment piece. It folds up super easily and has a safety rail. 

Foldable toddler learning tower

Little Partner’s Learning Towers

Original Learning Tower

It seems important to mention one of the first learning towers on the market, the Original Learning Tower by Little Partners. This learning tower is very adjustable and easy for a child to get in and out of but there are a few features it lacks, in my opinion. This piece has a quite large footprint and a very wide stable base. The stable base makes it a very safe option but I could just see myself stubbing my toe on this constantly. 

Learning Tower

Explore ‘N Store™ Learning Tower® 

Little Partners has come out with a few new models of the learning tower. They have their Explore ‘N Store™ Learning Tower® with a fold-a-way step. This learning tower has four-sided railings and can be stored under a kitchen island or counter, making it a great space-saving option.

toddler learning tower in a kitchen with a fold-out step.

Learn ‘N Fold Learning Tower® 

If you are looking for a foldable option, their Learn ‘N Fold Learning Tower® may be the perfect fit. It has a few additional features for added safety like the auto-locking safety latches and the anti-tip and anti-slip feet. Some of the comments on this product mention that when it is in the folded position it does not fold up flat and needs to be rested up alongside a wall, making it a bulky foldable option. 

Learning tower in a folded position leaning up against a counter.

Best for Twins

Naturally becasue this section is about twins or having a learning tower that can accommodate two children, I had to give you two options! One is foldable and the other is not. I’m always on the lookout for items that accommodate twins!

RAD Children’s Furniture Toddler Tower

RAD Children’s Furniture Toddler Tower has two height settings, 12 and 17.5 inches, making it a great long-term investment piece. This item is one piece and does not fold up. It comes in a standard size as well as a double size. This piece is sealed with a cured finish which makes it durable and wipeable, which is a must in the kitchen. It has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. Use my code “MONTESSORITWIN10” for 10% off your order!

two learning towers, one is large enough for one child and the other is large enough for two children.

Double Helper Tower

This Montessori foldable kitchen helper tower stood out among the rest of them for a few reasons. One, it is foldable, making it ideal for small spaces or even bringing along on your next travel journey! Two, the platform has 3 adjustable heights, allowing it to grow with your child. The reviews state that it arrives mostly assembled making for a very easy assembly. The other feature I liked was that it was made with waterproof plywood and is a bit wider than other double-learning towers I have seen on the market. This wider footprint will give more space and room for younger and older children.  This product has a weight limit of 200 lbs. 

A foldable twin learning tower

Best Convertable Tower

Piccalo Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower

If you are looking for a versatile tower that can also be a table, then this convertible tower from Piccalo will do just the trick. Involving a child in our everyday activities takes place up at the counter in the kitchen but also in small ways at a table just for them. This convertible tower will allow your child the opportunity to do both. I think it is worth mentioning that these convertible options have fewer adjustments that can be made. The platform is set a one height and cannot be adjusted to different heights. However, it has an adjustable step with three differnet height settings. You can purchase a safety net with this learning tower to ensure additional safety. 

a convertible learning tower in tower position but can unlatch and transform into a table and bench.

Best Kitchen Helper for Your Budget

Boon Pivot Toddler Tower

I don’t know the best way to classify this toddler tower, but it seemed one worth mentioning. This kitchen helper is foldable, easy to clean, and made of durable plastic. This toddler kitchen tower will come in on the lower end of your budget, which is nice! It has a small footprint, especially when stored away! Another additional feature is the non-slip feet. Worth noting is that the platform is not adjustable, which may make this a better option for an older toddler and not a learning tower that will grow with a young child. 

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