Authentic Montessori Step Stool for Your Home

A great way to offer more autonomy and independence in your home is with Montessori step stools. There are so many practical life skills that a young child can learn to do but are limited because of the height they are at. A Montessori step stool helps to bridge that gap and creates many opportunities for your child to engage in meaningful work in your home. The Montessori philosophy would encourage a prepared environment that meets the needs of a child. We can’t always make things smaller, but we can offer accommodations to make things accessible to them. A.K.A. the step stool! A toddler tower is another common addition to a Montessori kitchen. In this blog post, I will focus on step stools. But if you are looking for what Montessori learning tower is best for your home, check out this blog post

Twins on a step stool.

Step Stool vs. Learning Tower

Before we dive into different step stool options, it is important to consider if a toddler learning tower or a step stool is the best fit for your child’s current needs. Both step stools and Montessori helper towers align with Montessori principles and offer independence and autonomy to the child. However, safety and functionality are of the utmost importance! If you have a younger toddler, I would recommend looking into a Montessori kitchen helper, at least for in the kitchen.

A step stool may be a great option for bathrooms or other areas in the home. Learning towers offer additional features like adjustable platform heights and a safety rail. As with choosing anything these days, it can be overwhelming due to the number of options available. Here is a resource to help you find the best toddler kitchen tower for your Montessori home. If a step stool is the best choice, then continue on to see some great step stool options with various features!

Step Stool Options 

Before purchasing, consider where in your home you want to use a step stool. A step stool is a great piece of furniture to help a child reach the kitchen counter or the bathroom sink. Montessori toddler stools come in so many varieties. You’re sure to find one that meets your needs. Let’s dive into some of the options out there!

Wooden Step Stool 

Here is a very basic wooden step stool at an affordable price. This Melissa & Doug 2-step step stool has a total height of 14 inches. It is available in white, gray, and natural finishes. It is lightweight which allows for easy repositioning, which is a nice feature, especially when thinking about a child’s independence in a home.

Melissa & Doug

Simple and functional step stool from Melissa & Doug for kids. The straight back allows it to be easily pushed up against a wall or cabinet.

Foldable Step Stool 

This is your basic foldable step stool. It is just one step and available in either a 9 or 11-inch height. If you have an older child that is stable but just needs a little extra height this may be a great option! It is perfect for small spaces where you don’t always want a step stool out and available.

Another foldable and adjustable step stool offering a small footprint is this Jocauto step stool for adults and children. It can be adjusted from 6, 7, or 9 inches. The foldable design allows for easy storage. This would be a great option for travel or just tucked-in areas throughout the home for a little extra assistance when needed. The legs create a wide base making it stable and can has a 330-pound weight limit!

Non-Slip Step Stool 

Is it just me or do children seem to fall and trip over air?! Well, this step stool has a non-slip surface on the steps as well as on the bottom of the feet. The first step height is 5.5 inches and the second step height is a little over 5 inches from the first, bringing your child up about 11 inches from the ground. This product is sturdy and easy to assemble. We got the wooden step stool from HAJACK. It has non-slip strips you can add to the steps as well as rubber pads for the bottom to stabilize it so it doesn’t slip. I chose this because it was a little bit higher, coming in at 13 inches from the 2nd step.

Adjustable Height

If you want a little more stability or adjustability then this adjustable step stool from Little Partners may be just the right fit. It offers adjustable heights for the second step and there are no sharp edges. This Montessori kitchen step stool would be a nice option for a younger toddler because of how it will grow with your child. It is available in many differnet colors.

Learning Partners Growing Stool

A step stool with an adjustable 2nd step! Stable base and great handles for support.

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3-Steps or a Seat

This taller 3-step step stool has a unique design. It offers 3 steps with an anti-slip mat on each step. You can move the third step and place it in with the second step making a larger platform for standing or as a place to sit. It offers multiple handle placements along the side. This step stool appears to be a safe way for your young child to help in the kitchen and allows for freedom of movement with some added safety features. 

StrongTek Wooden Toddler Step Stool

A step stool with an adjustable 2nd step! Stable base and great handles for support.

Storage Capacity

Children love their little things and small spaces to store their belongings. This step stool comes with storage within the top step. If used in the bedroom or bathroom, this would give plenty of room to store a few extra items for your child to have access to. 

Lightweight with Storage Space

A step stool with an adjustable 2nd step! Stable base and great handles for support.

Benefits of a Step Stool in a Montessori Home 

We can support a child’s development by offering them opportunities to do meaningful work. By having a step stool (or many) in our home for kitchen activities or practical life tasks like brushing teeth and washing up, we are helping our child connect and engage with their environment. I hope you have found a step stool that meets your child and families needs!

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