The Best Indoor Montessori Climbing Toys for Babies

Preparing your environment with materials that encourage physical activity and exploration is a great way for babies to grow and develop. A baby will begin to climb and pull up onto structures before they can walk. We see a lot of play structures for older kids and toddlers, but when does it all begin? Let me share some indoor Montessori climbing toys you can use with babies. Many of these we have loved with our twins during their first year of life. This post will focus on the best Montessori climbing toys for babies.

The Importance of Climbing for Babies

Active play like climbing has so many developmental benefits for babies. Climbing helps them to build confidence, explore with safe risk-taking, improve focus, and balance, and develop problem-solving skills. It also helps to strengthen hand and foot coordination. The best way to support and receive all of these benefits is by preparing an environment where a baby is free to explore and move her body freely. When a baby is pulling up onto a climbing triangle, over time they will build up more confidence to move their hands and feet up the rungs. As they navigate this new skill they are gaining independence and problem-solving skills. By giving infants a safe space to explore we will see their newfound sense of adventure!

Principles of Montessori Climbing Toys

The good news is that babies, at least initially, seem to be very aware of how they are moving their bodies. They move very deliberately. You may have heard the Montessori phrase, “Follow the child”. We do this by encouraging independence and offering self-directed learning. This is hugely done through child-directed play, which often looks like gross motor movements such as climbing. The Montessori climbing toys I will recommend will be in line with key Montessori elements such as simplicity, safety, and built of natural materials. Let’s get into some of the best Montessori climbing toys for your baby!

Top Montessori Climbing Toys for Babies (Indoor Use)

Preparing a safe environment that also supports and meets the needs of our baby is so important for their development. These indoor Montessori climbing toys will be perfect for your baby!

Montessori Pull-Up Bar

Physical development is gradual. All climbing starts from the skill of pulling up to stand. We can strengthen and encourage this skill by preparing a Montessori pull-up bar in our environment. This is an easy DIY project and is the perfect way to isolate the skill of pulling to stand. It is a great option for small spaces becasue it is on the wall. Check out this blog post for how to make your own Montessori pull-up bar.

Mirror on the wall and a pull-up railing bar running horizontally across the mirror.
Montessori Pull-up Bar

Platform and Ramp 

Climbing over small structures is where the real climbing starts. A great way to start promoting gross motor skills in your home with your baby is with a Montessori platform and ramp. As they grow, this platform will continue to be a place for imaginative play. This climbing structure adds dimension and depth to any environment. Alternatively, you could use a coffee table with the legs removed, this is what we did for some time before we got our platform and ramp. Use the code “MONTESSORITWIN10” for a discount on your order!

Wooden square platform and wooden ramp climbing structure for infants and toddlers

Climbing Triangles 

Some of the best climbing toys are Montessori climbing triangles, commonly known as a Pikler triangle. A climbing triangle is a great option for your living room or playroom. Most climbing triangles have easy storage options by folding up. Many come with accessories like a baby slide or rock wall ramp. Using a climbing triangle requires hand-eye coordination as a baby learns to climb up the rungs. Even before a baby is climbing up the triangle, it makes the perfect toy to pull up onto. 

Not sure which climbing triangle is right for you? Check out this blog post on how to choose the best Montessori climbing triangle.

Wooden Montessori climbing triangle


Sometimes you can purchase a Pikler triangle set that comes with the climbing triangle, a climbing ramp or slide, and a climbing arch. These three pieces can be used together to create an indoor playground! While your baby may not be ready to climb on something so advanced right away, they soon will be, making this an excellent option for babies, young toddlers, and even older children. Wood and Hearts has a beautiful climbing set of three, use the code “TWINMAMA” at checkout for a discount on your order!

Pickler triangle, ramp and climbing arch
Image Source: Wood and Hearts Montessori Climbing Set of 3

Learning Tower 

This recommendation is not necessarily a toy, but it sure is a great investment into your Montessori home. A kitchen learning tower is a wonderful gift for a first birthday. As a baby seek to be more involved in the day-to-day activities at home, this allows them a safe way to be a part of the work in the kitchen. Your older baby can climb up into their learning tower to help out or observe things happening in the kitchen. I have a whole blog post about finding the right Montessori learning tower for you based on your needs, check it out here.

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Indoor Jungle Gyms

This indoor jungle gym by Wood and Hearts is complete with a trapeze, rope ladder, monkey bars, and ramp. Making it a great structure for supporting free play and cognitive development. If you are looking to invest in a freestanding structure, this one is a great option. As a baby, it won’t be used to its’ fullest potential because it is a larger climbing toy. But there is no doubt that as your baby grows into an active toddler they will utilize all the features of this indoor jungle gym. Use the code “TWINMAMA” at checkout for a discount on your order!

Wooden indoor jungle gym
Image Source: Wood and Hearts Indoor Jungle Gym

Dome Climbers

The wooden climbing dome from Wood and Hearts is another freestanding structure you could have to encourage climbing and movement for your older baby. This indoor climbing toy will support active play for years to come! Use the code “TWINMAMA” at checkout for a discount on your order!

Wooden dome climber
Image Source: Wood and Hearts Wooden Climbing Dome

Safety Considerations

Your child’s safety is essential when it comes to using climbing toys. Babies are naturally curious and eager to test their physical abilities, making it crucial for caregivers to ensure a safe environment. When selecting climbing toys, opt for those with sturdy construction, smooth edges, and non-toxic materials. You should always supervise a child while using climbing toys to prevent accidents. Choose climbing structures that are appropriate for your child’s age and developmental stage. Additionally, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for assembly and usage. Regularly inspect the equipment for any signs of wear or damage.

Climbing toys provide valuable opportunities for physical activity and skill development. Just make sure to set up a safe play environment. Allow your baby to explore the equipment themselves and refrain from putting them into positions or places on the play equipment that they cannot put themselves in. By doing this you are creating a greater risk of your child falling. 


Given all the benefits of climbing, it is important to incorporate Montessori climbing toys into your baby’s routine. Any of these structures would make a great addition to a living room or playroom. Allow your baby the freedom of movement to be able to explore the world around them within a safety prepared environment.

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