About Me

Hi there! I’m imagining sitting in a room with you drinking a cup of coffee while I share my story with you. My name is Emma and I am so abundantly blessed to be a mama to identical twin boys as well as a trained Montessorian, a wife, and a homemaker.

I fell upon Montessori back in high school when I had the opportunity to observe at a Montessori school. After experiencing the peaceful environment where the softest sound of a bell could bring stillness across the room I knew that I had found something different, something so special and beautiful. How incredible that there could be such order and beauty in a space with so many children, all doing such different work. I knew that I wanted to cultivate that same kind of beauty in my own classroom one day. I went on to get my AMI Montessori certification from The Montessori Center of Minnesota while at the same time completing my Undergraduate degree in Elementary Education.

I became the Lead Guide in a lower elementary (1st-3rd grade) at a private Montessori school in the Midwest. Fast forward a few years into my teaching career when I reconnected with my (now) husband at a young adult group. We were married in the fall of 2020, which was a wild time to get married but I am so glad we did! In April of 2022, we found out we were expecting identical twins, which was such an incredible gift that The Lord blessed us with.

When I found out I was expecting twins I decided to take a step back from teaching so I could focus my energies at home and on raising our sweet boys in a Montessori way. Silas and Augustine entered the world at the end of November and we have been learning lots and loving being a family of 4.

Since that time I have recognized the uniqueness of my life and how I have gotten here. I have immersed myself in Montessori philosophy for many years which has shaped the way that I run my home and raise my children. I also have always loved cleaning and organizing…it brings me great joy and pleasure in making spaces beautiful and functional. In these first months of being a mama to these boys, all of these areas have come together in a beautiful way and I wanted to share that with the world.

Here is where I will share ways that I am living out Montessori principles in my home through my motherhood and homemaking skills. Come along with me as I share the gifts and blessings that The Lord has blessed me with. I hope that they may bless you as well.


family with husband, wife and twin boys