5 Montessori Things to Do with Your Baby

Are you looking for things to do with your baby? I know the feeling when the day feels long and you are just at a loss for what to do for another day. As a Montessori mama to twins, I spend many days at home. Here are some of the Montessori things we did in our environment during the baby stage.

Baby Mobiles

One way I prepared our home environment was with Montessori baby mobiles. There is a series of traditionally 4 visual baby mobiles. The Munari Mobile, The Octahedron Mobile, The Gobbi Mobile, and the Dancer Mobile. By offering mobiles in a movement area you are giving wonderful opportunities for visual stimulation. From just a few days or weeks after birth, your baby could begin working this the Munari mobile. The high-contrast shapes and objects will help your baby begin to track objects and develop focus.

If you want more specifics on the progression, DIY, or where to buy a set of Montessori visual baby mobiles, check out this blog post for all of the details! In this post, there are also resources for tactile mobiles which are great between 3 and 6 months of age.

Offer a Sensorial Experience with Language

Twins splashing water in a cookie sheet

Just about everything in our day could be a sensorial experience for a baby. We can offer slow and peaceful moments observing things in nature, doing work around the house, or reading a book. Throughout any experience we offer to our baby, even getting dressed for the day, we can offer language through the process. This is a process in Montessori known as “sportscasting” which is simply you saying what you are doing while you are doing it. Sportscasting helps us to involve our babies in what is being done to them and around them.

By offering a sensorial experience with language we are helping name some of these unique experiences your baby may be having. For example, after a bath, you may put some lotion on your baby. You can describe how the lotion feels on their body. These can be moments we often rush through, but it is in these moments that we can really connect with our little one.

Bring Your Baby Along

At a certain point postpartum you need to get back to doing some of the things you did before your baby arrived. Things like making meals, folding laundry, and vacuuming. Consider getting a baby carrier so you can wear your baby close while also accomplishing some tasks around the house.

I find that my babies, especially early on, loved to be worn in the wrap. It was cozy and the natural movement of housework would often put them to sleep. Even as my babies have gotten bigger, I wear them often in a carrier on my back when they are not content playing on the floor near me while I accomplish some housework.

Treasure Basket

Some of the best toys are the non-toys! You can create treasure baskets for different rooms in your house. These baskets can have an assortment of interesting objects or could have themed objects based on the room. For example, you could have a kitchen basket with a whisk, a wooden spoon, and some measuring cups. Additionally, you can offer some more language to the names of these tools and objects as your baby explores. However, don’t disrupt them while they are exploring and concentrating on the basket of treasures. You can introduce the objects when you first show this treasure basket to your little one or after they are done working with it.

Square basket with a metal bell a ball, a wooden ring and a white ribbon

Go Outside and Listen

Taking time to get outside will likely help any challenging moment. The fresh air, the breeze, or the lovely noises of the birds chirping. Babies aren’t in a rush like we often tend to be. Take a blanket and go sit outside. If your baby is still non-mobile, you could lay the blanket under a tree and allow them to gaze up at the tree like it is a mobile.

Putting your baby in a stroller and going for a walk is a great way to support both your own needs as well as your baby’s.

Two babies playing outside on a blanket

More Toys and Activities

Are you looking for more ways to bring Montessori principles and ideas into your home with your baby? Here are some more resources you may enjoy!

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