Simple Montessori Baby Christmas Activities

There are many fun ways to bring the Christmas spirit into your baby’s environment. The Christmas season has many unique sounds, sights, and smells. I will give you seven Montessori Baby Christmas Activities that will brighten up your baby’s shelf work and bring the cozy Christmas spirit into your home.

Sensory Ornaments

One great way to allow your baby to experience the Christmas season is to prepare ornaments that are allowed to be explored. You can make a few sensory ornaments for those low branches on your Christmas tree. These ornaments should be non-breakable and sensorially interesting. I found some clear plastic bulb ornaments at the dollar store. Then filled them with objects I thought would have a good sound when my twins rattled them around. I then tied a festive ribbon to the top of it to be able to hang it on the tree and for them to hold on to. If you fill the ornament with small objects you should secure the top of the ornament so they can’t open it.

Another great sensory ornament is to string jingle bells onto some ribbon and hang them on low branches. I also hung many of my non-breakable Christmas ornaments. Metal and wooden ones are usually able to withstand the exploration of little hands.

Three plastic bulb ornaments. One filled with corn kernels, one with broken cinnamon sticks and one with cranberries.

Velcro Ornament Christmas Tree Board

The older my babies get the more they are perfecting their pincer grasp and love to grab at everything. You can make a velcro Christmas tree board for them to continue to develop that find. I had my brother-in-law cut out a wooden christmas tree. You could also get a wooden cutting board in the shape of a Christmas tree like this one here. Alternatively, you could wrap a piece of foam core board with fabric or felt to create a tree shape.

Cinnamon Stick In-and-Out Box

Around 9 to 12 months old a baby will start to show interest in putting objects in and out of something. As an opportunity to explore this idea of in and out as well as a lovely scent and a possible teether, we can offer cinnamon sticks and a small container to put it in and out of. This is a very simple activity that you could set up for your baby with items around your home.

Always monitor your baby when they are putting objects into their mouth. Consult your child’s pediatrician if you have questions about the safety of Cinnamon. Based on my research I found cinnamon to be safe for babies in small amounts after 6 months of age.

Cinnamon stick in a glass jar. Stripped Christmas ribbon in the background.

Jingle Bell Object Permanence Box

For a few days, the ball to our object permanence box had seemed to go missing. It probably rolled under some piece of furniture. I used a jingle bell that I had around instead. The object permanence box functioned the same with a jingle bell as it did with a wooden ball. Now it has an additional point of interest, the jingle bell!

Object permanence box with a jingle bell. Decorative stripped ribbon in the background.

Nativity Set

Getting a nativity set that is child-friendly will be a great addition during those younger years. My husband had a collection of the Fontanini Nativity pieces which are beautiful, durable, and great for young hands and mouths to explore. They are not the cheapest option but will last your lifetime. There are alternative Nativity sets on the market as well.

Close up of a nativity set with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger and some animals.

Advent and Christmas Books

Add some Advent and Christmas books to your book rotation! I loved the idea from Nicole Kavanaugh from, of doing an Advent Calendar of Books. There would be one new book to unwrap each day. Here are some great Advent and Christmas board book titles for your baby.

Board Book Christmas Book Titles
Two board books with decorative pine branches, dried oranges, cranberries, and cinnamon sticks.

Present Stacking

Find some small boxes and wrap them up. Place them into a larger basket and offer them as you would any other block. Your child may enjoy stacking them, or more likely will enjoy knocking down your towers of presents.

You could use a variety of colored and textured wrapping paper to add more interest.

Ways to Involve Your Infant Throughout the Christmas Season

There are many simple activities that your little one will enjoy throughout the Advent and Christmas season. Here are a few ideas of things you could try. Remember, we don’t need to fill our days with activities and overcrowding our schedule. Most of the time the season already is busy enough with Christmas parties and other festivities. Find ways to slow down and share these moments with your little one. Here are some additional Montessori-friendly baby Christmas activities

  • Decorate together
  • Make a simmer pot on the stove to enhance the smell of your home
  • Go on a walk to look at Christmas lights or find a light show to attend in your area
  • Listen to Christmas music, even classical Christmas music can be great!
  • Nativity set
  • Stacking present boxes
  • Use an Advent wreath
  • Read a New Advent or Christmas book each day in December leading up to Christmas.
  • Sing Christmas carols as a family

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