7 Montessori Valentine’s Day Activities for Your Baby

Enrich your baby’s Valentine’s Day with these fun Montessori-inspired activities to foster love, exploration, and developmental growth. Crafted with the unique needs of babies in mind, these activities prioritize safety and engagement, making them ideal for little ones who still love to explore their environment by putting things in their mouths. Whether you’re celebrating your baby’s first Valentine’s Day or adding to a cherished tradition, these activities will surely express love and create lasting memories with your precious one.

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Pom-Pom Drop

When thinking of fun Valentine’s Day activities, we want to keep it simple and cheap. A pom-pom drop is just that! I used toilet paper and paper towel rolls for this. Using acrylic paint, I added some festive Valentine’s Day colors to the rolls. Set this activity up with a small basket or bowl for the pom poms to drop into. Offer only as many pom poms as you want to clean up, I had 3 available.

This is a perfect opportunity to let one of your older kids help out by painting these rolls for your baby’s activity. You could secure them in a few different ways, use a clamp magnet clip and use it in the kitchen on the refrigerator or a metal door. Alternatively, you could use command strips.

Three painted cardboard tubes and a cardboard bucket with hearts on it. Set up as a pom pom drop activity

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Yogurt Heart Stamping

Offering a snack and an activity in one is a fun way to celebrate holidays and make it a special day. This “snactivity” is a great way to show your little one love this Valentine’s Day and have some fun sensory play.

A cutting board with a dish of strawberry yogurt and a piece of celery. Yogurt stamped hearts on the cutting board and some decorative wooden hearts scattered around.

Here’s what you need: 

  • Celery 
  • Yogurt
  • Frozen strawberries or blueberries (or food coloring) 
  • Cutting board

My babies are definately still in the mouthing stage, so I knew I needed an activity that was safe for them to put into their mouths. This yogurt heart-stamping activity is the perfect thing! If you have an older baby or toddler who is out of the mouthing stage then you could definately use finger paint and turn it into an art project. Show your baby how to dip the celery into the yogurt and stamp it on the cutting board.

Love Velcro Board

Babies love to pull and tug. This love velcro board will offer a fun exploration with velcro. I found this heart sign and these wooden hearts at the dollar store. Then I used some adhesive Velcro dots that I had on hand. The velcro went on the back of each wooden heart and the board somewhere as well. What I like about this activity is I can hang this board as decor at their level but it also is purposeful and festive! You could cut a heart shape out of cardboard to make this as well.

wooden heart decor with smaller wooden hearts velcroed to it. two hearts laying next to this heart showing the velcro dots

Valentine’s Sensory Basket

A sensory basket can be a great way to offer new sensorial experiences to our baby. We can include objects with different textures that have unique characteristics. For this Valentine’s Day sensory bin, I went with a specific color, red! I picked up a few things from the dollar store and then used a lot of things I already had on hand in my kitchen. You can also use sensory baskets as a great way to introduce new words to your baby. You could easily add sensory bottles to this basket by using some spice jars and filling them halfway with different materials. The opportunities are endless!

Heart basket with a ball, a beaded wooden heart and measuring spoons

Here is what I included in our Valentine’s sensory basket:

  • Silicone baster 
  • Red ball 
  • Silicone spoon
  • Wooden beaded heart 
  • Mini spatula
  • Measuring spoons 

Heart Coin Drop

Are you looking for fun and engaging Montessori Valentine’s Day activities for your baby? This is a twist on a common Montessori baby activity, the coin drop. I found these painted wooden hearts at the dollar store and this small Valentine’s Day box to make a heart coin drop. The heart-shaped pieces just make this activity more special. I used a razor blade to cut a slit in this box for the hearts to go through. It is a good idea to put all the pieces you need onto a tray. Use a small dish to keep the hearts or disks in next to the box. You could also use felt hearts for this activity. An older child could help cut these out and show some love to their sibling.

Valentine's Day box with slit in it and a small dish with wooden hearts
Montessori wooden coin box dish of wooden hearts

Heart Posting Activity

Older babies love to post things into holes. It is a wonderful activity to develop and refine fine motor skills. This activity uses a small strainer, I found this cute red one to be more festive, but any strainer will work. I placed a few wooden heart-topped skewers into a small jar and set the activity up on a tray. Show your baby how to place the skewers into the holes of the strainer. This simple fine motor activity will encourage focus and concentration. 

Strainer and a small vase with skewers with wooden hearts on the top of them

Ribbon Pull Bucket

Using a cardboard Valentine’s bucket, also found at the dollar store, you can make this engaging ribbon pull activity. Poke small holes in this bucket to thread the ribbon through. Once the ribbon is threaded into the bucket, tie a knot on both ends of the ribbon so your baby doesn’t pull out the ribbon. Your baby will have so much fun pulling these ribbons back and forth. 

A cardboard cylinder box with a heart design and lots of ribbons coming out of it.

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Collage of Valentine's day activities.

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