The Best Climbing Toys for Toddlers (Indoor and Outdoor)

It’s no surprise that young toddlers and even older kids have a great need for movement! Offering things that they can climb on both for indoor and outdoor use is important for an active toddler. In this post, you will get a list of the best climbing toys for toddlers to help channel that physical activity in a great way.

A Pikler triangle is one of the best indoor climbing toys for a toddler. This is a great choice for young toddlers, even my 9-month-old babies have begun crawling on their Pikler triangle.

You can think of a climbing triangle as one of the first climbing toys for a young child. It is a fun way for those younger toddlers to achieve those developmental milestones.

This particular Pikler triangle is great for small spaces because of its easy storage. It can fold up and be stored away under a bed or in a closet.

It also comes with an attachable ramp and rock wall to encourage a different type of climbing.

This pickler ramp and platform is the perfect toy for a young toddler, even as soon as babies start moving around and crawling up and over things.

A child will love to climb up or slide down the ramp. There are so many different ways that this ramp and platform can be used, it aids itself to imaginative play very well!

This climbing wall from Wood and Room is the right climbing toy for an active toddler! I really like how it has a small footprint and is a beautiful climbing structure without taking up floor space. This would be a great climbing toy for small spaces, especially during the colder months when there is more time indoors.

A climbing wall gives an opportunity for younger kids to refine their climbing skills and build confidence.

This climbing wall comes with an indoor slide as well as a hanging pull-up bar. These accessories can be placed at any height on the climbing wall making it the perfect climbing toy for children of all ages.

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Climbing Arch

Wooden climbing arch with wooden rungs.

What I love about a climbing arch besides the fact that there are no sharp edges is how this one climbing structure can support both the physical and mental needs of a child.

A play structure like this just invites creativity! It can be used like a climbing arch or can be flipped the other way and could become the material that transports a child into imaginative play!

Investing in a versatile climbing toy is a good way to encourage creativity!

If you are looking for a safe way for your young toddler to crawl and climb, these climbing building blocks are a great addition to your play area. These foam pieces can be moved around to create a safe play structure for your little one.

The different shapes encourage creativity and imagination at an older age. It encourages them to be active creators in their climbing endeavors.

There are many different ways that you could arrange these building blocks to offer new interests or challenges for the mobile child!

This slide is also a step stool, basketball hoop, and art easel. Talk about a versatile climbing toy! This would be a fun way to change up your environment periodically without needing to purchase multiple types of toys.

A slide encourages the repetition of movement, which is a good thing for an active toddler. This slide could be used for indoor use or outdoor use.

A step stool can be a great way to help a toddler feel more independent and include them in tasks throughout the day.

Climbing Cube

A wooden climbing cube with 2 sides that have wooden rungs to climb, 2 sides with large circle openings, one side with a wooden square side and one side is completely open.

A climbing cube can be a fun climbing toy to aid in imaginative play! It can be turned in all directions to meet the creative needs of the child! You could even attach the indoor slide from the Pickler triangle to add another element of interest.

Non-Climbing Gross Motor Toys

A crawl tunnel wouldn’t encourage climbing but it could be a great addition to a movement area in your home where there are other things to climb on.

The motion of crawling is very beneficial for a young child, and moving through a tunnel like this will encourage that crawling motion.

This caterpillar tunnel is collapsible, which makes it a great option for small spaces!

Wobble Balance Board

A wobble balance board has many benefits for a young child. It supports gross motor development as well as develops balance and coordination. When the board is used like a U-shape, it rocks back and forth. A child could either stand or sit on the board while rocking it back and forth.

This board will encourage the progression and refinement of their motor skills. I like this option for a toy or material in a home environment because it can be used in more than one way and will bring so much fun into a child’s play!

A child walking across a wooden wobble balance board which is a bent piece of wood.

A balance bike has so much to offer to a toddler! When you consider the developmental benefits of it, just think about all the skills that go into learning how to ride a bike! Things such as learning how to turn corners, avoid obstacles, and focus on balance and movement.

A balance bike supports the skill of motor planning, meaning the ability to know how to move your body to do various actions, in this example, the ability to turn corners.

Outdoor Climbing Toys

A pyramid monkey bar climber with 3 children climbing on it.

Pyramid Monkey Bar Climber

This pyramid monkey bar climber looks so fun and inviting for a child to come and climb on. A climbing frame like this gives opportunities for different gross motor movements, such as climbing and swinging from a bar.

Dome Climber

Dome climbers are a great outdoor climbing toy for older toddlers. A dome climber encourages problem-solving skills as the child navigates how to move around on the dome. It can also be a great way to burn off excess energy!

A dome climber may be a great investment and will continue to be a great gross motor toy for big kids as well.

An outdoor dome climber.
A child stepping between two climbing stones.

Climbing Stones

If you are looking for a less permanent climbing toy for outside, these climbing stones may be a good idea. You can arrange them in different ways to make outdoor play so much fun!

Why Climbing Toys Are Important for Toddlers

It is no surprise that toddlers are busy little people exploring their environment and developing so many new skills. By offering climbing toys you are helping to support their gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and overall their physical development.

Children will naturally progress in their physical development if given the opportunity to explore safely. Things like a pickler triangle, and an outdoor jungle gym are great ways to offer opportunities for movement!

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