How to Clean an Electric Griddle (the easy way!)

I’ll share with you an easy way to clean your electric griddle. By giving the surface of your griddle a regular cleaning it will stay in great condition and have the best performance possible for a long time! A non-stick griddle pan is a great kitchen appliance to have for cooking. You can cook all things from pancakes to grilled cheese sandwiches, personally we use it most for pancakes. With proper care for your electric griddle, you will keep this non-stick cookware ready for your next Sunday morning French toast. I like to keep things simple when it comes to cleaning, so let’s dive right in while I share with you how to clean an electric griddle. 

Close-up of electric griddle temperature gauge.

Supplies You Will Need to Clean an Electric Griddle

Soft cloth or Sponge

Any soft cloth or sponge will work to clean your electric griddle. I am an avid Norwex user, I love it so much that I have become an independent Norwex consultant. At the end of this post I will share with you how I use my Norwex products to clean an electric griddle along with other things in my kitchen. For now, I’ll share how to clean an electric griddle with just a regular soft cloth or sponge.

Warm water

Warm water will help to remove food residue more easily, as it will help to loosen any burnt food that is on your griddle.


​Soap is necessary and is the best way to cut through oil and grease. Even just a few drops of dish soap can help clean your electric griddle.

Dry towel

A dry towel is important to have after you do all of the cleaning. Get your griddle dry and put it away to be ready for the next time you use it!

Easy Cleaning Process:

1. Unplug the electric griddle and allow the surface of the griddle to cool slightly, you don’t want to burn yourself. However, if you leave it to cool completely, it may be more difficult to clean. Remove any electrical parts such as the removable drip tray or temperature control.

2. Scrape off any food particles or stuck-on food from the griddle’s surface with a spatula. Do not use a metal spatula, which could damage the non-stick coating on your griddle surface. A plastic or silicone spatula will do the trick!

3. Use a paper towel to remove excess grease, as you don’t want to put unnecessary amounts of grease down your drain.

4. Get a soft cloth or microfiber cloth wet with hot water. Wring out any excess water, so it is not dripping water.

5. Wipe down the entire griddle to loosen any food debris. Even wipe down any excess oil from the edges and along the side of the griddle. Wipe in cracks between the frame and the griddle surface, this is a common place food can get stuck. This may be unique to different styles of electric griddles.

Electric griddle with a soapy dish cloth on it.
Washing an electric griddle with the Norwex netted dish cloth

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6. Rinse the cloth and re-wipe the nonstick griddle with water to remove any soapy residues. 

Electric griddle with purple microfiber cloth on it.
Wiping off the soapy residue with Norwex kitchen cloth

7. Dry the griddle with a dry cloth. 

8. Wash the removable drip tray with warm soapy water. Dry and put back on the griddle. 

9. Store your clean griddle away.

Additional Care Instructions for your Electric Griddle

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when cleaning a nonstick cooking surface, such as an electric griddle. 

What not to use on a nonstick surface

You don’t want to use any harsh chemicals, abrasive pads, or metal utensils when cleaning your electric griddle. These things can scratch the surface of nonstick pans. 

Cleaning Variations

How to Clean with NOrwex

When I clean my electric griddle in my own kitchen, along with all other dishes and appliances, I like to use the netted dish cloth which can have dish soap on it and also removes food gunk with ease. Then I like to use the Norwex kitchen cloth to do a final wipe down, this cloth works with just water while removing 99% of bacteria from the surface. These two Norwex products are my favorite kitchen products. 

How to Clean a Cast Iron Griddle
  1. Clean while the griddle is still warm. 
  2. Scrape off any food bits.
  3. Scrub with warm water and a sponge or stiff bristled brush.
  4. Towel dry. Alternatively, you could allow it to dry on the stove. 
  5. Rub some oil on the griddle with a paper towel. 
  6. Store cast iron griddle. 
How to Clean a Stainless Steel Griddle

You will want to clean a stainless steel griddle while it is still hot. Use a metal spatula, and scrape off any food that is left over. Then, pour hot water on the griddle while it is still hot. Wad up some paper towels, place the metal spatula on the paper towels, and continue to wipe the griddle clean. Repeat this step until all the food debris is removed. 

How to Clean a Built-in Griddle

If you have a built-in griddle on your stove, you likely can follow the same easy cleaning process that I outlined above. 

Safety Considerations

Make sure your electric griddle is unplugged and has cooled before cleaning. If you are cleaning a cast iron griddle, you will clean it while it is hot, use gloves if necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Close-up of electric griddle drip drawer

Can you submerge an electric griddle? 

No. you should not submerge an electric griddle in water to clean it. You will want to avoid submerging it in water because it could affect how its functions. 

Can I boil water on an electric griddle?

You can indeed boil water on an electric griddle. Use a small pot and set it on the griddle, this can be a good alternative if you don’t have access to another heating element. Make sure not to slide the cookware on top of the griddle, as it may scratch the surface. Make sure that the cookware can withstand high temperatures, ideally temperatures up to 500 degrees (F.).

​Do you butter an electric griddle?

Yes, you will want to use either butter or oil when cooking on an electric griddle. 

Can I use steel wool on an electric griddle? 

You want to avoid abrasive materials such as steel wool on your non-stick surface such as a griddle. These may scratch the surface. 

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